Artist statement

my name is meike, i am known as roze meike or meike janssens. i am a visual artist and i mostly work with photography. i am an active member of the queer community and am of mixed dutch and guinean ancestry. for my art i seek out subjects who share (parts of) these identities. 

my work often deals with finding and creating communities, online or in the "real" world. within this i discuss Black joy, queer self expression and the use and impact of social media.

i find information and inspiration about these topics through my own experiences, talking to others and through theory based research. my work is shaped by reading and exploring topics such as; the importance of self representation, equity in the art world, radical self love and Afrofuturism.

i mostly use my digital and analog cameras to give my art a physical form, i use them for (self) portraiture, photo diaries and to make collages. because some of my work deals with topics like social media and the online world, i also have a huge interest in newer media such as 360 degree videos, virtual realities, and artificial landscapes.

my art best resonates with people who are or have been in the same position as i am, people who often do not feel represented and have to look hard for art they can relate to. i am making my own representation and i would love to inspire others to do the same.


2020, december 3 - 

Kunstpodium T, Tilburg


2020, october 23 - december 20

Showroom MAMA, Rotterdam

peaceful in a Black world

2020, september 26

WORM, Rotterdam


2019, october 18-20

SodaFabriek, Schiedam
peaceful in a pink world 


2019, july 26

KLAUW @ WORM, Rotterdam



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